Maximizing your time and budget with accurate and approved land surveying solutions you can trust.

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Surveying Services We Offer Include…

Comprehensive Site Development Plans

Survey Support Services

Boundary Surveys

Land Subdivision Surveys

Wetland Reserve Easement Surveys

Volumetric Surveys

Construction Stakeout Surveys

Digital Terrain Model Creation

Topographic Surveying

We take great pride in the precision of our work, bringing your project to life through maximal automation and efficiency with minimal manpower and extra time. We leverage your time frame and budget by pairing it with our passion for the industry and our management expertise.

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Dummer Surveying & Engineering Services Inc.We get your projects approved efficiently and effectively, remaining in compliance with city, county and state ordinances and regulations.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to get your projects approved quickly while meeting all requirements and standards, maximizing your time, and adhering to your budget and schedule.

We strive to be good stewards of your time, your budget, your vision and our environment throughout the scope of our services.