With a name like ours, we’ve got to be good.
It’s more than a tagline, it’s our mission.

We live up to our decades of professional experience and cultivated expertise to truly bring you the best land surveying and civil engineering services in southern Illinois and western and central Kentucky and Tennessee.

John H. “Jack” Mundy, P.E., President:

Jack Mundy has over 20 years of professional experience in a wide range of engineering projects. Primarily, he has provided Project Manager duties for Transportation Projects for various Departments of Transportation throughout the Southeast. Since joining Dummer Surveying & Engineering Services, Inc. he has been involved in County and City roadway design and construction certification. He has also become heavily involved in the planning, design and certification of sewer and waterline facilities. He is also experienced in the securing of State and Local agency approval for these projects.

Ricky A. Tosh, PLS, Vice President of Surveying Services:

Ricky Tosh has over 20 years of multi-disciplined experience ranging from boundary surveys to infrastructure design to material testing and inspection. He has provided Project Manager experience with the planning and design of several Subdivisions and Site Development Plans. These plans have included the design of sanitary sewer and water line utilities, roadways and boundary layout.